Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Small Donation

Good people of the world!
Hi :)

As mentioned last month, half of all my December book sales for Resurgence and Transcendence, will go to Friends of Long Beach Animals. It may be surprising, but my series did not go viral. I know, shocking. At any rate, I did sell some books, and I am completely grateful. Also, Transcendence was free for five days during December, and I am further thankful for the readers who downloaded a copy. So, even though there were not a lot of December sales, readers are reading the story. So, yeah :0)

The Breakdown:
I sold a total of 5 books.
Amazon takes their cut, so .35 cents is made per book.
December sales brought in a total of $1.75 USD

So, instead of donating half of the December sales, I donated $5.00. They say every little bit helps, so may this little bit help.

Donation Details

Confirmation number:0UT41496PK390463E
Donation amount:$5.00 USD
Total:$5.00 USD
Purpose:Friends of Long Beach Animals