Saturday, July 11, 2015

High Voltage 7-Eleven

Hey, you!

It's a Silly Saturday! Not my typical blog about a Silly Saturday, but a fun time to catch up, nonetheless. I hope all is well in your world. I'm still working on the third book, Emergence, and release day is getting closer. I really hope to have the story available as an e-book by the end of summer.

In the meantime, in honor of this great day of  7-Eleven, I am celebrating all things related to slurpee, Ice Cream (especially Blizzards), and glitter. Something about 7-Eleven day talks to the kid in me, and it's super-duper we can go get a FREE(small) slurpee today! However, it's much more than that. 7-Eleven day is a celebration of my childhood. A celebration of neighborhood walks to the local +7-Eleven  to get candy, a slurpee, an ice cream sandwich, soda pop, or a glitter pop.

To pay homage to my favorite cola slurpee and glitter pop, I decided to paint my nails with glitter. Not just any glitter, no. I opted for Sephora's Formula X SuperWatts in Voltage. I adore this polish by +Sephora. I love the fun and sparkle this color brings to my hands. The glitter polish makes me happy. See, can't you see me smile? (Seriously, this polish is super easy to apply and has worked itself onto my favorite polish list.)

As some of you might know, I battle a pretty strong urge to chew my cuticles. Often times, I gnaw until they bleed. I know, gross. However, my hands and nails are looking presentable; I just had to make them sparkle! So, without further chit-chat, go get your slurpee. Go get your glitter. Paint your nails. Make this day sparkle. Eat some ice cream. Put your feet in the sand. Put your feet in the grass. Enjoy all the silly and simple things on this great day of 7-Eleven.
Go have fun out there!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A 2-Book Box Set


It's been awhile since you've  heard from my blog, but we're still here! See!? This blog is proof of our existence. I also have additional proof; I bundled the first two books in the Hunters and Queen series, and I made the box set available on Amazon. I have been talking about a third book, Emergence, and I do plan on releasing the next book very soon. In the meantime, I have so many other writing ideas in the cooker, and between life and the day job, well, you know how that scenario goes. At any rate, I write on....and on.....and on......often to the break of dawn. Do you see what I did there? I made a rhyme. :D

So, if you haven't checked out the series, then the box set is a good place to start.

I hope you enjoy the series enough to continue to book III.

Always remember: "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."

To everyone, enjoy life and all the simple and small things that come your way.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Small Donation

Good people of the world!
Hi :)

As mentioned last month, half of all my December book sales for Resurgence and Transcendence, will go to Friends of Long Beach Animals. It may be surprising, but my series did not go viral. I know, shocking. At any rate, I did sell some books, and I am completely grateful. Also, Transcendence was free for five days during December, and I am further thankful for the readers who downloaded a copy. So, even though there were not a lot of December sales, readers are reading the story. So, yeah :0)

The Breakdown:
I sold a total of 5 books.
Amazon takes their cut, so .35 cents is made per book.
December sales brought in a total of $1.75 USD

So, instead of donating half of the December sales, I donated $5.00. They say every little bit helps, so may this little bit help.

Donation Details

Confirmation number:0UT41496PK390463E
Donation amount:$5.00 USD
Total:$5.00 USD
Purpose:Friends of Long Beach Animals


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hey, everyone :0)

As 2014 winds down, this self-published author has learned a lot this year. As many authors realize, self-published or not, humility is a huge part of the writing game. Not everyone is going to like our work, some folks will down right hate it, because writing is subjective. So, when there are those readers who appreciate the story I created, I'm sure other authors will agree, the feeling is wonderful. Much like when anyone creates something and their work is appreciated, it's just a great pat on the back. So, as promised, I will donate half of my December e-book sales from the Hunter and Queen series, Resurgence and Transcendence, to Friends of Long Beach Animals. Earlier during December, I had a free promotion of Transcendence. I had dozens of people pick up the free copy. Readers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Australia picked up the second book in the series. I am so grateful readers are downloading these books. As any author will acknowledge, book sales are spectacular! However, connections with readers and other writers are priceless. A few readers and fellow writers have reached out to me, provided great advice and feedback, as well as valuable critiques. I am completely grateful. I can only hope to continue to grow as a writer and further develop as a storyteller. So, with all of the above noted, I have only a few more things to cover. I chronologically listed them below for your review:

Additional items to mention:

1. Have an outstanding New Year. I know we are all in different places, doing different things, and some of us may be in the same spot doing very similar tasks, but let's try and make 2015 even better than 2014. Without getting preachy, let's just try and find moments to enjoy all the great little things that come and go in our lives. I know, sometimes it's harder doing than saying, but, let's try.

2. If you're a writer and think no one wants to read your work, don't give up on your story. Keep writing. I'll read it, send it my way. I might be slow, but I'll take a gander. If you're a writer and have no idea where to look for an agent, check out AgentQuery. Whatever you do, keep writing and telling your story.

3. The December book sales. Well, as mentioned, half of the sales are being donated. I sold 4 books. Each of my books are .99 cents, and with a percentage of each sale going to the wonderful people at Amazon, I make .35 cents per book. So, I made a total of $1.40 this month. I know there is still one more day left in December, so I will do a final total at the end of the month and then donate the money. I know I will add a bit more money to the donation pile once all is said and done, because, it's good to help animals even if my books didn't go viral and catch me a bunch of sales.

So, without anymore time taken from your day, I wish you all much success, love, laughter, and good health. I tend to get sappy, so I'm ending this blog post here.

Happy NeW YeAr!!!
(If you swim with sharks, may you survive!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Emergence is Wrapping up (Ever so slowly, but I am enjoying the process)!


As a few of you may know, there is a third book in the Hunters and Queen series. If you haven't read the first two books, Resurgence and Transcendence , then I would appreciate your support. You can also get a two-book box set at Amazon. Just a reminder, every year  I will donate half of all my December e-book sales to Friends of Long Beach Animal Shelter.

Now, let's talk about the third book in the series. This book has taken longer to write than the previous two books, but I like the story development, and writing about the hunters is always fun. What is this third book, you may ask? The book is titled- Emergence: The Royal Truth. The third book introduces a host of new characters. You will meet Petra, Aristarchus, and others. The battle between the Queens has escalated, and the hunters know what they must do to keep their stronghold on certain parts of the realm.

As you may know, my books are Young Adult. Although there is romance throughout the series, the only sex available is through subtle indication. I don't necessarily feel I need to say this, but I have a few readers disappointed in the lack of genuine sex involved in this series. Maybe I will write another series with more sexual adventures, but, for this series, it's not going to happen. I will say, there is romance abound in this series. A lot of romance. There is some subtle violence, too.

A few of the chapters from Emergence are included at the end of book II, Transcendence. I have also included several chapters from the third book for your reading pleasure. Just scroll down! If you like the chapters, great! I'd like to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy your reading. Whatever it is you are reading, read long and prosper. Cheers!

­­Virginia Vayna

Copyright 2015

ISBN# 9781301592753­

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This e-book may not be re-sold ­­or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

I’d like to thank, Shannon Nilaja Evans, for her support and for her reading of the manuscript while in its draft stage. I’d like to thank my mother, father, and sister; Rita, Ronald, and Bianca Vayna, for their continuous love and support. I would also like to thank Sean Williams; at one time he gave me his heart without asking for reciprocity. Thank you, Sean. I love you all to the moon and beyond.


To my readers, you’re awesome. Thank you for your time, support, feedback, and contributions.


~ Enjoy your reading. ~

“Never forget:
we walk on hell,
gazing at flowers.”
Kobayashi Issa


The Royal Truth


The Hunters and Queen Series

Part III

The Blind Emerges
Sadeiq, the gypsy, was no longer threatened by the hunter lifestyle. Voipele, the earth element, was able to save her from fully transforming into one of Hadrian’s kind, a hunter. The Queen’s many millennia old cacao plants and pomegranate bushes helped Voipele stop Sadeiq’s morphing process. Sadeiq was able to return to her former self; however, the process rendered her blind. Voipele saved her life, but the process stole her vision. The only objects Sadeiq could see were located in her memories. Though she had never really looked at the Queen, the water element, she knew her name was Jolán. Sadeiq was forever grateful to Jolán for leading her to Voipele. Now, Sadeiq was forever beholden to the Queen, and eternally indebted to the other elements of the world. Although she could no longer see, her other senses were heightened. Sadeiq had seen Hadrian; she had seen all of the Order except for one member, Akuji. Sadeiq remembered their faces, their smell, and their voices. She knew she would never forget their presence. In the meantime, Sadeiq quietly rested in her room at the chalet.
Meanwhile, several miles away, Jolán and Colemund rolled about in their bed. Their cottage was cozy, and they were anxious about their future. Something mesmerizing happened to them, and they now shared a cosmic connection that was sealed in the shark infested waters of the Aegean Sea. Several nights prior, Jolán jumped off the seaside cliffs located behind her castle. Once she hit the water, she was immediately involved in a feeding frenzy with several of the local sharks that swam around the base of the cliffs. Colemund was with her that night, and he quickly jumped after her once he realized what she had done. He did not think of himself when he jumped, he only thought of her. By the time Colemund found his love swimming in the water, Jolán had already returned to her human form; but she had shape-shifted. Colemund did not see her shape-shift into a shark, but his courage to follow her into the water pleased the Sky World. Ever since that night, Colemund had developed impeccable strength. He also developed telepathy, which he frequently practiced with Jolán.
As Jolán and Colemund rested in their bed, Jolán felt strong and confident. She knew she could trust the people in her life, but she worried about the people in Colemund’s life; particularly his mother, Queen Madrit of Gallia Belgica. At that moment, Colemund felt Jolán thinking of something bothersome; more than likely something about his mother.
As Colemund stroked Jolán’s hair while she rested her head on his chest, he said, “My mother has us both concerned. In light of what we now know, I understand your trepidation; but you must know, and I believe you do, that our love is unbreakable and we will never part.”
Jolán knew Colemund’s words were true, but she still maintained her reservations. There was a paradigm shift happening in the world, and both Colemund and Jolán had to prepare for their mission. As Jolán kept her head on his chest, she thought about the future.
Jolán then replied to Colemund, “We will never part. Even in death, I follow you.”
Moments elapsed before Jolán asked, “When do you think the castle will be finished?”
Colemund twisted Jolán’s hair around his fingers. He liked the way her hair felt in his hands. He then responded, “In a few weeks. Construction has been busy for nearly three months now, so a nice bulk of the work is complete. We should take a drive over there and check out the area.”
 Jolán felt safe with Colemund, but she felt uneasy about the future. As the love duo appreciated their peaceful time in bed, they both thought about their lives, their safety, and their calling from the Sky World.
In the distance, the natural world gathered its insects. The animals and insects of the forest knew something stirred in the air. The flora and fauna prepared to protect their world for the future.
The Natural World
For several days the Aegean Sea had been tumultuous; in addition, the waterways that surrounded England, and the rivers throughout countries north of Sudan, Africa, had also been raging. To contrast the rough waters in these areas, several other bodies of water, such as streams and smaller rivers, brimmed with fresh, clean, and calm water. Many once stagnant waterways showed signs of improvement. There was something that stirred change in the air; the elemental power had shifted in the realm.
The power shift was felt by those creatures sensitive to its energy. Such creatures, mainly the insects of the natural world, contemplated the reasons behind such a sudden and dynamic shift in power; they knew the realm had slightly deviated. They wanted more information.
As the insects gathered in the cave, the head grasshopper confidently said, “We must know if they are here. We must know if they have returned. The waters are stagnant down by the river, but I have received information that some areas have cleared up and the water is potable.”
The other insects listened. Several different grasshopper, locust, and ant specie were in attendance. They were curious about the ground, water, and soil conditions of their natural habitat. They were concerned about the future of their progeny.
As rain dripped down the rocky path towards the ensemble of insects, one leader of the locusts said, “Perhaps, we should send out our feelers to gather information?”
The feelers were a group of locusts capable of digging deeper into the soil for a better read of the earth. They were known to gauge the forecast of the planet nearly 50 years in to the future.
The head grasshopper replied with authority, “I am the leader of my specie, so I will help find them. We can split up and look for all four.”
At that moment, a locust stated, “I sense they are together.”
Various insects of the natural world discussed the future of the planet. They were aware a paradigm shift was in their midst, and they knew the source of such a shift rested with the four natural elements of the universe.
Hillsburgh, England
Bones were broken. Swine were left half-dead waiting for their full demolishment. It was pathetic and unnecessary management of living creatures. Cruel and unusual treatment. Barbaric. Dreadful. Intolerable.
Many hated the local slaughterhouse, but others were not remotely bothered by the presence of the pig factory. Those who did mind, however, were beyond ready to act. Beyond ready to take a stand and fight for better treatment of the animals, but such kind people were outnumbered. They were outnumbered by the overwhelming amount of hunters who now occupied a large portion of the small town. The native townspeople were becoming overpowered. Something had to happen, because the town was dying.
Petra knew she held power. She honed her skill at a very young age, privately while she was in her room. Her parents were loving people, but special power was not encouraged in the household; and Petra had special power. It was this power that made her the element of wind. It was this power that made her a threat to the hunters. Petra had awakened, and all of those years of practicing her skill would serve the mission well. Now, however, she rested. The last few days had been a flurry of emotional destruction. A devastating tornado created by the fury purported by her anger. She had never used her powers out of anger, and now the chaos and mayhem she created destroyed a town. Destruction so bad that she was committed to a hospital, a mental hospital.
Petra was tired, but she was not broken. She rested in the hospital bed, but she was confused about her medical treatment. She did everything she believed was necessary, but her worlds were blurred. She didn’t have a mental breakdown, but maybe she did; however, she was sure her place was not inside of the hospital strapped to a bed. She was the element of wind, and she knew she comprised the full force of the planet. She understood her responsibility in this realm, but she was disoriented. She didn’t understand how to gain credibility for her cause and for the mission. The wind element had awakened, and she had to find the other elements of the natural planet.
As Petra rested in her bed, her medication clouded her mind. She remembered everything that led to her current stint in the hospital. It started when she confronted the cruel pig owners and set their pigs free; then, she released a whirlwind of destruction upon her town. A destruction so bad her violence and power killed her family, her hunter family. Petra was not one of them, she was not a hunter; however, she was the youngest child, and her parents converted to hunters after she was born. Her parents thought the hunters would help them save their farm; they thought the hunters would help them save their home. They did not realize the hunters only destroy.
Petra understood the reasons why those who doubted her power captured her and locked her inside a hospital room; however, they were simple people unaware of her responsibilities in the realm. They were blissful people ignorant of the problems of the galaxy. Not everyone living in her town were hunters, just most of them. The Hillsburgh people that were not hunters were typically brainwashed by the dark lord dominance of Hillsburgh city corruption. The Hillsburgh non-hunters allowed dark energy to infiltrate their town as long as their own lifestyles were maintained; unaffected by the inner workings of the dark lords. These affluent townspeople were no less evil than the hunters; and such a symbiotic relationship of evil often led to the capture and destruction of once vibrant and egalitarian cities, towns, and communities. The dark lords wanted control of all the towns throughout the world. The dark lords appreciated their stronghold throughout certain parts of the realm, and they relied on such symbiotic relationships with the narcissistic townspeople who were willing to cultivate this type of agreement with them.
As Petra lingered in her bed, she remembered a man. A tall, swarthy, and evil man. She did not want to see him, but she knew he would eventually seek her out and pay her a visit. He had already been to her hospital room once, and she made it clear she did not want to ever see him again.
Petra began to fall asleep. Her heavy medication was prescribed for full sedation, but she was able to find moments of lucidity. She would eventually build tolerance to the drugs. Petra’s head started to bob around until it rested back on to her pillow. At that moment, two tiny birds flew towards the window. The birds lingered by the window as their eyes examined the inside of Petra’s room. The birds knew something special was inside, they knew they had a message to deliver to the forest.
Queen Madrit’s Blood
Queen Madrit nervously paced her castle bedroom. She could feel the onset of a headache developing around her frontal lobe. She touched her forehead to ease the pain, but this did not help.
As Madrit walked towards the heavily curtained window, she heard a voice say, “You’re going to do it, Maddie. You’re going to kill again for us. We need your bloodline, Maddie, we need your bloodline. You already used us before, hundreds of times before, so use us again; you’re going to use us again soon, Maddie.”
Madrit whirled around to locate the voice; her eyes darted around the room as if she would see something or someone to meet her gaze. She knew what she was dealing with; she knew she wouldn’t see anything. Although she did not like to think she was possessed by any ancient spirit of history, the fact was, she was in a battle for her sanity. She had killed before, and even if Madrit liked to think her evil spirit made her do the murder, she liked the sensation and power that murder gave her, but she was developing a conscience, and her advanced age made it harder to keep up with the hustle and bustle of a kill. As long as she could fight off her evil spirit, Queen Madrit was prepared to stay on the side of good for as long as she could maintain her sanity.
After Madrit gathered her senses, she closed her eyes, and quietly mumbled, “Get out of my head, you poisonous demon. You are not going to use me now; I am not your pawn. I am not your puzzle piece. Leave my head!”
The malevolent voice replied, “I am stronger than you. You have already done things for me. I am forever you, so I cannot leave, Maddie.”
Queen Madrit closed her eyes tighter, and angrily said, “No, No. I can have my own free will. No. No. Leave me now!”
The voice went quiet. There was only a distant laugh that echoed by the doorway. Queen Madrit then walked towards the door, opened it, and exited her bedroom to head downstairs for some water. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Madrit stopped in her tracks; a chill went up her spine. She knew darkness was on the other side of the front entrance. One of the housemaids opened the door. As Madrit waited on the upper staircase, the housemaid opened the door wider, and to Madrit’s surprise, it was DeMarco standing at the entrance of her castle. Madrit choked down a distaste that developed in her throat, and she then felt another pain in her forehead. She didn’t feel like talking to DeMarco, but she knew he was aware she had been physically alerted of his arrival. DeMarco could sense things; he also had an impeccable smell once he whiffed a scent. He was very familiar with Queen Madrit’s smell. The Queen felt he already identified her aura.
The housemaid tried to gently urge DeMarco to leave, but he was all too persistent and demanding to listen to her meager requests.
DeMarco raised his voice, and said, “Must I fester out front with your maid, Queen Madrit? You already know I am here. Please, show yourself and let me inside. I need to speak with you.”
Madrit knew she had to walk further down the stairwell to meet him, and she dreaded every second of the experience.
To Kill or Not to Kill
Queen Madrit stood at the door. Her patience was thin, and her head throbbed with pain. She hated to see DeMarco, but she knew she couldn’t avoid him. As she observed his tall stature and beastly eyes, she wondered about her own appearance. She wondered if her past showed upon her face. She briefly thought about all of the wicked acts she had committed over the years; she then noticed Demarco’s all-knowing smirk, as if he was reading her mind.
Before too much time elapsed, Madrit anxiously said, “Well, hello, DeMarco. What pleasure do I owe your visit?”
DeMarco entered her house and stood in the foyer. He looked upon her with disdain for her shallow attempt at niceties, and replied, “Oh, please. We both know it’s not with the slightest pleasure.”
DeMarco was right. Madrit did not want to see him. She knew he had a wicked deed for her, a deed she more than likely would not want to do.
At that moment, DeMarco unbuttoned his trench coat. He looked at Madrit, and questioned, “Are you able to take some leave from this place, Maddie? Perhaps stay a few weeks in Omani? You can visit with King Haman.”
Madrit did not like the sound of his question. It was as if the choice had already been made, made by him. Madrit’s mind raced for any excuse, but it was useless. She knew he was scanning her thoughts. She immediately started thinking of her bloodline; her ancestry. If she could conjure up enough family memories, then DeMarco would respect the importance of her blood, and relax on his inquiry.
After several seconds, Queen Madrit responded, “Oh, I do have so much to do, DeMarco. King Haman can be a bit baneful, don’t you agree?”
DeMarco was a killer, a hunter. He was an undead creature kept alive by evil. DeMarco relished the baneful and mindless, and he despised the righteous and conscientious people in the world. He fought off the urge to grab Madrit by the arm and violently pull her into the tea room; his patience was short. Instead, he asked, “Maddie, let’s have a seat. I need to ask you a favor, a favor that will be to your benefit.”
Madrit felt uneasy, but she accommodated his request. The two walked to the tea room for a discussion. Once seated, DeMarco smelled the air. His wicked grin showcased his rather jagged teeth. Queen Madrit sat somewhat nervously in her seat; she wanted to get the discussion over as soon as possible.
After DeMarco spent several seconds smelling the air, he looked at Madrit, with his nearly black colored eyes, and said, “Madrit, the elements are rising. They are strengthening before I have occupied all of my desired area of the world. They always try to do this, right when we get closer to world domination.”
Madrit stared at DeMarco, she was not willing to assume anything. She wanted him to explain everything to her, she would make her own decision on how to answer his questions; she would not get urged into killing. She waited for his proposal, because she knew it was a request to kill. She adjusted her posture.
DeMarco noticed the Queen was poised with confidence. He tried to read her thoughts, but he only received images of Madrit’s past lives as a killer for the dark lords. DeMarco understood he had to respect her position and her answers to his requests, but he desperately wanted her to work for him against the elements. DeMarco reached for Madrit’s hand. He held her hand, he wanted to feel her skin and bring her closer to his body.
At that moment, DeMarco said, “Madrit. We know your son is with an element, maybe with more than one.”
Madrit tried to pull her hand away from DeMarco, but he tightened his grip. She twisted her hand in his palm until she escaped his embrace; she was agitated.
Madrit then sneered, and said, “DeMarco, I do hate your power plays. You always try and rule over my authority. You must learn to balance things around you.”
DeMarco looked annoyed. Mainly because Madrit escaped his clutch, but also because he realized balance was a requirement for the maintenance of the planet; but DeMarco didn’t care. In fact, all he wanted to do was destroy the world. He planned to conquer earth, and have the planet as his wasteland until the galactic alliances destroyed earth due to its cancer upon the solar system. A cancer he helped create.
DeMarco looked out the window; his gaze caught a butterfly traveling through the air. He felt annoyed. He then looked at Madrit and smiled, his attempt at flattery only frightened her.
DeMarco then said, “Maddie, you do wear evil well. Your skin, your body, your mind, all complement the dark arts rather nicely. You hardly look a day over 35.”
They both knew she was closer to seventy than forty. Madrit often times hated her calling and her ability to assist the evil forces of the world, but, her bloodline ran deep; and her history was colored with murder.
After a moment, Madrit tightened her jaw then released the tension. She then said, “DeMarco, your flattery is ominous and indicative of a request. So, I beg you, please don’t waste my time. What do you want?”
DeMarco resisted his urge to engage in a power play with the Queen. Instead, he responded, “Maddie, it’s what we both want.”
DeMarco leaned forward, and Madrit could feel his cool breath on her cheek. He continued, “Regardless if you admit it or not, you like to play with the dark forces; you like to use its energy to your advantage. You enjoy having its destructive capabilities at your fingertips. You like to control the bad. You like to feel powerful and wicked, it makes you feel sexy.”
DeMarco touched her cheek with the back of his leathery hand.
Madrit had heard enough. She momentarily felt powerless. She felt weak. After a few seconds, she pulled her face from his hand, and said, “I’ve had enough of your transparent charm. I ask again, what do you want?”
Madrit was perturbed.
DeMarco smirked. He then said, “I want you to kill for me, Maddie. I want you to help kill a new element on this planet. I think you may know her well.”
Madrit was annoyed. She skeptically asked, “Really? How would you like me to do this, DeMarco?”
DeMarco then replied, “Evil always treats you well. If you help us, then your power will grow stronger, and your beauty will maintain its infamous youthful and vibrant appearance.”
Madrit felt a wave of déjà vu roll over her body. Everything seemed surreal. She started to hear a voice. It was whispering by the china cabinet.
The voice said, “He wants you to kill your son. He wants you to kill his lover. You want to kill them too.”
Madrit squeezed her eyes tight. She fought to ignore the voice.
DeMarco asked, “Are you feeling ok?”
DeMarco knew Madrit was trying to control her senility; he could sense it in the air.
Madrit opened her eyes, and she looked at DeMarco. She then asked, “Why do I need stronger powers to be evil, I have you.”
Madrit paused and gathered her thoughts. She then said, “Again, I ask, how would you like for me to kill the element? What do you have in mind?”
The Queen merely asked out of curiosity. She hated the thought of what DeMarco could say.
DeMarco then answered, “I want you to invite your son, Colemund, and his new love, Jolán, to this castle. I want you to show an interest in their romance. The couple should plan on staying for at least a week at your castle; this should provide ample time for the Order and several dark lords to convene upon your estate.”
Madrit looked worried, and she looked tired. She could feel the energy leave her body. She couldn’t kill her son. She knew it was only a matter of time before her calling would make her kill him again; but, this time she thought she could fight the urge. In the past she used dark sorcery to gain power and influence in society; but she was the Queen, she didn’t need any more help with her power. She already had everything, including a growing conscience.
After several seconds passed, DeMarco inquired, “Well, do we have your permission?”
Madrit knew she had to give her approval to the dark lords, otherwise, the dark energy would not hold as much power on her property. She thought about a way to avoid an answer, but nothing worked. She then touched her head and rubbed her temples.
Madrit finally responded, “DeMarco, do you think we could discuss this matter next week? Your visit was not expected, and I do need some time to think about the request you just made.”
DeMarco sensed her uneasiness. He then reiterated, “Maddie, we don’t need you to necessarily kill, we need you to act as an accomplice and bait your son back to his childhood home.”
Madrit more than understood the plan. She dryly said, “So, you can kill him.”
DeMarco stood from his chair. His coat brushed the side of Madrit’s leg. He then responded, “Madrit, we may not have to kill him. We just want her, and any other element he may bring along.”
Madrit knew the dark lords would kill anything that fought to preserve the good on the planet. She knew her son was good. Madrit was aware the dark lords would kill her son.
After several long moments, Madrit asked, “You expect me to believe you would spare his life if he hobnobbed with the elements?”
DeMarco wanted to ease her worry, but only to gain her trust for his mission. He responded, “You act like I am a monster, Maddie.”
That’s exactly what he was, a monster.
DeMarco then said, “I will give you some time to think about the offer. You look uneasy, so I will return next week for your answer. Don’t bother getting up or ringing for a housemaid, Maddie, I’ll show myself out.”
Within seconds, DeMarco left. As requested, Madrit didn’t bother escorting him to the door. She sat in her chair feeling nervous. She felt her mind going mad. She looked around the room. All of a sudden, things started to shift and distort. Her mind was playing a trick on her. From the side of the couch she heard the familiar voice.
The voice taunted, “Maddie, we don’t need a son. We don’t need anyone. We have everything we need. Besides, everything in life is reincarnate. He’ll return again one day.”
Madrit grabbed her wrists. She pinched her skin; she wanted to feel reality. She hated her past right now, and she hated that she was involved in a battle for her soul. A fight her ancient spirit was trying to win; a demonic possession that Madrit hoped would not overpower her for too long.
Petra and the Politician
Petra lingered in her bed. She twisted her long hair around her finger, then she watched her auburn locks unravel and cascade down her chest. She played with her hair when she was bored. She missed her parents, but they were dead. Ultimately, Petra knew her parents died long ago when they signed the hunter contract. That one sheet of paper stole their lives and took their souls. Petra hoped her destruction freed their spirits, and she hoped her family rested in eternal peace, however, she had her doubts.
Petra decided to get out of bed and walk around the hospital floor. Her medication occasionally confused her mind and caused her to experience lethargy, so she was not any real threat to run, jump, or leap into a wild fury; much like she did when she destroyed the town of Hillsburgh. She was also aware she was under watch. Petra understood her violent tantrums would receive the attention of hundreds of guards, commoners, nurses, doctors, and anyone else confident enough to try and restrain her fury. Petra was tired. She had no real energy to fight at the moment. She wanted to rest, but she didn’t feel safe.
Petra squirmed in the bed. She made an attempt to lift her body out of the trundle before she realized she was tethered to the bedpost with rubber cords. She tried to pull away her hands, but her efforts were moot. Petra was secured to the bed, and she was aggravated. Her medication made it hard for her to remember things; she often forgot she was strapped to the bed and being cared for like a wild invalid.
Petra shook her hands furiously, hoping to free herself from the hospital handcuffs. She was unsuccessful; she was also tired. She fiercely shook her hands again hoping to find freedom from the restraints, but she received the same result. She couldn’t shake off the cuffs. As her mind drifted and her eyes rolled around in her head, she heard an unfamiliar voice; then, she saw him.
Aristarchus was tall, swift, and his platinum hair contrasted brightly against his olive complexion. His eyes were colored a cornflower blue, and Petra tried not to gaze at him for too long; she found his eyes mystifying and did not want to get lost in his stare. After moments, Aristarchus briskly moved towards the bed and started to remove the restraints around Petra’s wrists.
Aristarchus whispered, “I know you are disoriented, but I am here to help you. I will come back for you in a few days. Meanwhile, gather yourself and prepare for your exit.”
Petra watched as Aristarchus quickly removed the wrist cuffs. He moved with spirited speed, and she felt slightly safer in his presence.
Aristarchus then said, “As I’m sure you already know, you are wanted by those that need you dead. Some of them are here now, but they won’t do anything at the moment. Please, take care and watch those around you. You will be safe here for a little while, I am close, Petra. I want you alive.”
At that moment, her wrists were free. Petra was no longer restrained. When she turned her head to find Aristarchus, he was gone. She was left alone in the room. She wondered about him and his mercurial nature, but she knew he would reappear soon enough.
Petra decided to leave the room and look around the hospital floor; she desperately needed a change of scenery. She tried to not think about her most recent memories, but she missed her family and that’s all she could reflect upon. She yearned to go back in time and erase her actions that set her town ablaze with her windy violence. Petra was new to her power. She didn’t know how to stop the force once she released her anger. She understood her purpose, but she couldn’t fully control her strength. She hoped she would soon find good use for her existence.
As she leisurely walked by the other rooms on the floor, she heard a familiar voice coming from one room, a voice she hoped would leave her alone and not notice her; but she knew that was close to impossible.
The voice said, “I already know she is here. I am here to retrieve her from this place. She does not belong here; both you and I are fully aware of this catastrophe. Let me release you from this burden.”
The nurse stood with confidence as she crossed her arms over her chest. She then said, “Mr. DeMarco, we have a blood test for her release. We’ve already offered the test to you, you refused. We can’t release her to you. Petra will be released to the person who placed her in our care, the individual with the blood that matches our admittance records. No one else will leave with her, not without a fight. This is just how we are doing things with her, she’s a special patient.”
DeMarco recognized the strong will of the nurse, and he had no intention to cause any trouble, at least not yet. He was content his suspicions were confirmed, the patient was indeed special, but he had other concerns on his mind. He merely wanted to make sure he was abreast on Petra’s whereabouts and condition. DeMarco’s intuition suggested his rival, Aristarchus, was behind the matching blood type that would release Petra into his contender’s care; but DeMarco needed to focus. He knew he would have better success using Queen Madrit’s bloodline to kill the water Queen. Madrit would put up less of a fight than his fellow dark lord associate, Aristarchus. It was easier to control Maddie, he thought.
Before too much time elapsed, DeMarco finally said, “Well, let us leave then. I will try and find another time to come back for a visit. Thank you for your time, nurse.”
Petra was nervous, she stood in the hallway as her eyes darted around the area. She wanted to turn around and go to her room, but she was afraid DeMarco would see her. Then, she heard unknown voice.
The voice questioned, “Nurse, if I use the power of my office to bear authority down on this hospital, we all know the result will lead to a loss of jobs and funding for this infirmary.”
The nurse released a subtle scoff. She then said, “Mayor, our town has been through hell. This hospital is running at full capacity as is, and it has been years since we have received any money from the city. Most of the hospital staff are volunteers or work at reduced pay. The least we can do is maintain our ethics, and that’s exactly what we plan to do.”
Petra watched the nurse exit the room. At that moment, Petra ducked into an empty room and hid behind several medical machines. As she squatted behind the curtain, she felt her body begin to shake.
Petra quietly said to herself, “No, Petra, not now. Hold the fury. Now is not the time. Hold the fury. Please, please, please stay at bay. I will use you. I will use you, but not now.”
Petra gently rocked back and forth as she repeated her words. She felt a spike of energy in the air, and she held her knees close to her chest as she closed her eyes tight. She listened to their footsteps as DeMarco and the Mayor walked by the room. She knew they were aware she was close. She knew DeMarco would find her. As the nefarious duo walked slowly by the room as if they knew she was hiding, Petra tried hard to maintain her force. She squeezed her body tight and held herself; and she quietly talked herself through the emotional storm that brewed within her.
DeMarco and the Mayor continued to walk down the hall and towards the exit of the building. The further away they walked, the easier it was for Petra to calm down. She listened as their footsteps echoed in the distance. With each footstep moving further and further away, Petra calmed herself by taking several deep breaths.
Petra then opened her eyes, and said, “Now is not the time, but the time is near.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Release Date Coming Soon~~~~~~~~~~~~


















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Let's Help Animals

Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!

Half of all my December e-book sales will go to the Long Beach, California, animal shelter. If I have any book sales, then I will show all final sales and post the donation on my blog during the beginning of January. If you want to support indie authors and animals, then you're at the right place! The Hunter and Queen series, Resurgence and Transcendence, are both available at Amazon.


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Thank You, Book Bloggers!

It's been awhile since my last post. I abruptly shelved Silly Saturdays, temporarily. I hope to not stay away for this long again, but, life is unpredictable at times and tends to get busy. Still, there is not much of an excuse to not update, post, or share with you. Even if I have less than a handful of followers, you are important! Even the non-followers are important, but you already knew that. I won't take up too  much of your time, but, I would like to extend a THANK YOU to all the bloggers who recently took their time and posted, reviewed, and commented on my developing book series, The Hunters and the Queen. In case you are unaware, here are the first two books in the series: Resurgence and Transcendence.

Now, as many are aware, bloggers are crucial to writers. They provide valuable feedback, constructive criticism, book reviews, promotional opportunities, and a comfy place to post a book for the unaware reader to become aware of new books. Now, I can't say I sold a lot of books; actually, I sold none. However, the networking, reviews, and marketing are priceless and well worth my effort. So, THANK YOU, book bloggers. In case you are interested in checking out some book loving blogs, here are a few you might like:

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