Sunday, October 20, 2013

My nasty, dirty little secret.......Cuticle chewing!!

Hello folks,

I have neglected my blog. I have developed a site that only highlights my books and my writing process. I didn't mean for this to happen, but it did, and I am making changes. So, as I begin to add diversity to my blog, I will continue to sprinkle my own book blurbs throughout the site (like here, Resurgence and Transcendence ). Now, let's talk about cuticle chewing! (When I make changes, I start huge!)  ;0)

A few people ask if I develop characters based upon people in my life. I have to say, no; however, I do compile a lot of different personality traits, quirks, and behaviors from the people I meet or have befriended. With that said, I have, however, provided the main character in my books, Jol├ín Vajnbirg, with a nasty little habit of chewing her cuticles (However, when she transforms she stops her habit, hehe). 
Her bad habit is a very real and habitual habit in my own life. I have managed to scale back my chewing, dare I say even close to kicking the habit, but I do have relapses. Yes, sometimes I chewed my cuticles until they bled, but not any more! I have successfully managed to minimize my chewing to the point where I go days, and sometimes even a week, without a single nibble! I will share what tricks I have used, but it takes persistence and willpower to stop cuticle chewing. It's a bad habit that often stems from nerves or even anxiety. I developed my habit at a very young age, and I am still trying to break the chewing cycle!! Often my cuticles get dry, and instead of grabbing cuticle clippers, lotion, or cuticle oil, well, I chew the dry skin. I know, sexy. I'll share something even a little more disgusting with you, I often laugh and tell people, 'My skin is so dry it tastes like jerky!' I tend to joke about the things that make me insecure.
Cuticle chewing is definitely not fashionable. I, however, am using fashion to curb my finger noshing. I have committed to painting my nails, and I usually use bright colors. When my cuticles feel dry, I typically would rip off the dead skin with my teeth. This is a very gross and sometimes painful process. However, when my nails are painted with bright colors, the colors often send a "don't chew" message to my brain. Instead of instantly putting my fingers into my mouth to chew, I will see the color on my fingernails, stop, think, and grab some cuticle oil. Once I add the oil, the jerky-like texture is gone and so is my desire to munch on my fingers. Keeping my nails and cuticles hydrated has really helped. Also, the extra care I take with my hands and fingers provides pause when I want to chew. Why would I want to chew on my skin when my nails look so pretty?
That's my remedy but, like I  said, I still have relapses. Some habits are harder to break than other habits, and some people have a worse time with their habit than other people. I would often chew until my cuticles needed Band-Aids, but I never got infections. Some people still chew despite the infections their habit brings to their life. I know fingernail painting seems like a superficial approach, but it has helped distract my attention away from chewing my cuticles. It may not work for you. If your cuticle chewing habit is causing sickness or other maladies, I urge you to seek the care of a medical professional. Cuticle chewing does have a psychological association; whether it's nerves, anxiety, anticipation, or boredom, you are the master of your own habit and you are able to quit all things terrible. We can do this! You have to want to quit, but let's go! Cuticle chewers of the world unite! :0)

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