Saturday, July 11, 2015

High Voltage 7-Eleven

Hey, you!

It's a Silly Saturday! Not my typical blog about a Silly Saturday, but a fun time to catch up, nonetheless. I hope all is well in your world. I'm still working on the third book, Emergence, and release day is getting closer. I really hope to have the story available as an e-book by the end of summer.

In the meantime, in honor of this great day of  7-Eleven, I am celebrating all things related to slurpee, Ice Cream (especially Blizzards), and glitter. Something about 7-Eleven day talks to the kid in me, and it's super-duper we can go get a FREE(small) slurpee today! However, it's much more than that. 7-Eleven day is a celebration of my childhood. A celebration of neighborhood walks to the local +7-Eleven  to get candy, a slurpee, an ice cream sandwich, soda pop, or a glitter pop.

To pay homage to my favorite cola slurpee and glitter pop, I decided to paint my nails with glitter. Not just any glitter, no. I opted for Sephora's Formula X SuperWatts in Voltage. I adore this polish by +Sephora. I love the fun and sparkle this color brings to my hands. The glitter polish makes me happy. See, can't you see me smile? (Seriously, this polish is super easy to apply and has worked itself onto my favorite polish list.)

As some of you might know, I battle a pretty strong urge to chew my cuticles. Often times, I gnaw until they bleed. I know, gross. However, my hands and nails are looking presentable; I just had to make them sparkle! So, without further chit-chat, go get your slurpee. Go get your glitter. Paint your nails. Make this day sparkle. Eat some ice cream. Put your feet in the sand. Put your feet in the grass. Enjoy all the silly and simple things on this great day of 7-Eleven.
Go have fun out there!