Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hey, everyone :0)

As 2014 winds down, this self-published author has learned a lot this year. As many authors realize, self-published or not, humility is a huge part of the writing game. Not everyone is going to like our work, some folks will down right hate it, because writing is subjective. So, when there are those readers who appreciate the story I created, I'm sure other authors will agree, the feeling is wonderful. Much like when anyone creates something and their work is appreciated, it's just a great pat on the back. So, as promised, I will donate half of my December e-book sales from the Hunter and Queen series, Resurgence and Transcendence, to Friends of Long Beach Animals. Earlier during December, I had a free promotion of Transcendence. I had dozens of people pick up the free copy. Readers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Australia picked up the second book in the series. I am so grateful readers are downloading these books. As any author will acknowledge, book sales are spectacular! However, connections with readers and other writers are priceless. A few readers and fellow writers have reached out to me, provided great advice and feedback, as well as valuable critiques. I am completely grateful. I can only hope to continue to grow as a writer and further develop as a storyteller. So, with all of the above noted, I have only a few more things to cover. I chronologically listed them below for your review:

Additional items to mention:

1. Have an outstanding New Year. I know we are all in different places, doing different things, and some of us may be in the same spot doing very similar tasks, but let's try and make 2015 even better than 2014. Without getting preachy, let's just try and find moments to enjoy all the great little things that come and go in our lives. I know, sometimes it's harder doing than saying, but, let's try.

2. If you're a writer and think no one wants to read your work, don't give up on your story. Keep writing. I'll read it, send it my way. I might be slow, but I'll take a gander. If you're a writer and have no idea where to look for an agent, check out AgentQuery. Whatever you do, keep writing and telling your story.

3. The December book sales. Well, as mentioned, half of the sales are being donated. I sold 4 books. Each of my books are .99 cents, and with a percentage of each sale going to the wonderful people at Amazon, I make .35 cents per book. So, I made a total of $1.40 this month. I know there is still one more day left in December, so I will do a final total at the end of the month and then donate the money. I know I will add a bit more money to the donation pile once all is said and done, because, it's good to help animals even if my books didn't go viral and catch me a bunch of sales.

So, without anymore time taken from your day, I wish you all much success, love, laughter, and good health. I tend to get sappy, so I'm ending this blog post here.

Happy NeW YeAr!!!
(If you swim with sharks, may you survive!)

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