Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enjoy a Book Excerpt...

Hello, Readers!
How is your book? I hope you're enjoying the story line. Some books move fast, some books start slow and some books are full of pictures or facts. It's a big reading world out there. Whatever you're reading, I hope you're finding enjoyment. I have provided an excerpt from The Hunters and the Queen for you to read. Remember, keep your books open and your fonts enlarged! Cheers! :0)


     As she began to vacuum the carpet in long back and forth motions, Jolán looked up and saw a red cardinal and a black crow sitting outside her window. As she stood there staring at them and running the vacuum back and forth, the birds started pecking at the glass window. Jolán thought this amusing at first, but then wondered if the birds were trying to come inside the house. As the birds kept tapping on the window, Jolán turned off the vacuum and listened to their tapping. As she listened, it sounded as if the birds were banging out the message for SOS on the glass. Jolán knew this was ridiculous, but she couldn’t shake the similar sound of the bird’s tapping to the actual SOS distress signal used in Morse code. Three short and quick taps followed by three longer taps which were then followed by the three short and fast taps. The birds kept doing this in unison with each other. Jolán stood their looking at the birds as both birds were banging their beaks to this rhythm on the window.
     As Jolán approached the window the birds instantly stopped and looked up at Jolán. The red cardinal cocked its head to the right and the black crow cocked its head to the left. Jolán felt a whirlwind stir inside of her and she felt an immense connection to something, but she did not know what it was that she felt connected. The birds stayed in their spot staring at Jolán; and Jolán stayed in her spot staring at the birds. Jolán felt she was in a trance-like state for what seemed like several minutes; the trance was instantly broken when her mother called up the steps to Jolán. Mrs. Vajnbirg yelled out, ‘Jolán, after you finish vacuuming, I’d like for you to fold your clothes.’ At that moment the birds flew away and Jolán snapped back to reality and took a deep breath as she answered her mother. Jolán answered, ‘Yes, mum, I was planning on doing that before I started reading.’ Jolán felt she was a part of something larger than her, but she tried to forget about the birds; however, she knew she would think about the bird message again.

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