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The Gypsy Hunter is Coming Soon!!

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The second book in the Element series, The Gypsy Hunter, is almost finished. If you have not checked out the first book, The Hunters and the Queen, then you can purchase your copy for $0.99 cents on Amazon. The Gypsy Hunter has a release date during late summer 2013. Thank you for your support! I have attached chapter one from the Gypsy Hunter for you to read. Cheers!

The Gypsy Hunter

The Element Series

Book II


She is not fully developed; we can stop her before she reaches full development. We cannot let the other elements regain their strength. We are the rulers, and we have worked too hard to lose this battle! Once we find her, then we must kill her. The other ones will follow her death. This world is ours. The Queen can be destroyed again.”


Rushing Water


     Jolán looked down the waterfall towards the bottom. She watched the water circulate in the water pool gathered at the base of the falls. She knew she could jump off the cliff. She knew she would make it to the bottom unharmed, but something prevented her from jumping. There was a voice in the back of her mind that told her to wait. She raised her arms like an eagle and she then bent her knees, but she quickly dropped her arms to her side and stood straight. She leaned forward a little more and took another look into the pool of water swirling around at the base of the waterfall. Jolán knew she could jump, but today was not the day.

     The sun was setting behind the tallest tree in the forest. The air was cool and the birds were resting above Jolán, the birds were perched along several tree branches. The birds watched her, and Jolán knew they were her friends.

     Although it was still winter in Turkey, it was unseasonably warm; but not warm enough for Jolán to go swimming. After a few minutes staring at the rushing water, she heard a voice.

    From inside her cottage she heard Colemund say, “Jolán, what are you doing? I’m almost finished making dinner, so come inside. I want to see you.

     Colemund loved his beloved Jolán. There was nothing in life that made either Jolán or Colemund happier than being together with each other. Jolán took one last look at the pool of water gathered beneath the waterfall, then, she ran quickly inside to meet her love.

     As soon as she entered the cottage, Colemund noticed her flushed cheeks, her porcelain skin, her blonde dreadlocks, and her bright green eyes. Her body was tall, lean, and athletic. Jolán looked animalistic and more beautiful than she had looked in the last few weeks. Colemund couldn’t help but briefly stare at his beauty.

     After a few moments, he returned his attention to the task at hand. He had prepared two glasses of white wine for the couple to drink before dinner. Colemund handed one glass of wine to Jolán, as he looked into her eyes and said, “It’s nice to have you back inside, Jole.

     Jolán took her glass, stepped a little closer to Colemund and gave him a nice kiss on his cheek. As she backed away from her love, she kept her eyes focused on Colemund and said, “Being with you is my favorite place, Cole. You know I’m never too far away.”

     Colemund liked when Jolán said such things to him. Colemund then grabbed his wine glass. As he placed a kitchen towel on the counter, the couple then raised their glasses in a unison toast and simultaneously said, “To us.”

     As their wine glasses clinked, the couple enjoyed a hearty drink from their glass.

     Colemund returned to the stove to toss the wok of vegetables and the sesame seeds. Dinner was almost ready. As Colemund grabbed a handful of spices to throw on the food, Jolán walked to the enclosed patio located off the side of the kitchen. The enclosed patio was spacious and modern. There was a medium-sized eating table, dinner chairs, and additional recliner chairs placed throughout the patio room. The hardwood floors were the color of burnt sienna; and the floor-to-ceiling windows provided a perfect opportunity to dine with nature. The perimeter of the room was highlighted by windows. Colemund and Jolán always admired the natural beauty of their outside surroundings. The forest encompassed their cottage.

     Colemund always managed to have a bouquet of fresh plants or flowers displayed in the middle of the eating table. When he traveled down to the local marketplace, he always stopped at a flower cart to purchase local bouquets. She really liked Colemund’s approachable disposition, and she thought herself lucky for finding her prince charming, or, rather, she felt lucky because the sky world chose him for her.

     Jolán sat down in one of the soft chairs that surrounded the eating table, and she looked outside. The dusk of the evening was settled, and the night crept close behind the sunset. She took another drink from her glass of wine and watched Colemund in the kitchen. As she looked in the kitchen, she watched his natural prowess. He was tall, athletic, handsome, kind, trustworthy, composed, and he dearly loved Jolán. As she watched Colemund move about in the kitchen, Jolán thought the sky world had created and sealed her fate with her lover; and she was thankful for the decision of the sky world.

     Once the vegetables were cooked to Colemund’s satisfaction, he removed the wok from the stovetop burner. As he placed the hot wok on a trivet located on the center bar, he looked up and noticed Jolán watching him cook. He loved Jolán, and he couldn’t help but smile at her.

     Once Colemund had their two dinner plates ready, he immediately dished out a nice portion of rice on to each plate, then, he spooned out a healthy portion of veggies on to each plate. As he placed the wok in the kitchen sink, he grabbed his glass of wine and took another hearty drink. The wine went down smooth, and he felt the warm sensation from the spirit warm his body. He left the dinner plates sitting on the kitchen bar, and he walked in to the patio room to see Jolán.

     As soon as Colemund reached the table, Jolán stood up from her chair and gave Colemund another kiss on his cheek. As Colemund held his glass in one hand, he took his other arm and wrapped it around Jolán’s waist. The two shared a loving embrace, and Jolán looked up at Colemund and met his eyes and said, “I love you.”
     Colemund was happy. As Jolán stayed in his arms, he looked at her and replied, “I love you more.”
     Jolán smiled, waited, and then said with a grin, “I’m hungry, let’s eat.” Jolán then went in to the kitchen and grabbed silverware, napkins, and the two plates of food. Colemund followed right behind his love; he grabbed the bottle of wine from the refrigerator. The couple met back at the table and sat down to enjoy their evening dinner in their cottage home.

     As the couple ate their meal, Jolán enjoyed the clean and satisfying taste of her food. Colemund always prepared the most nourishing meals for Jolán; he learned how to cook from his family’s housemaid, Nicole. Nicole worked in the royal house of the Van Oranje-Nassau family. She always enjoyed Colemund’s interest in her work. The royal family often allowed Colemund to visit the kitchen while he was a young boy.

      During Colemund’s adolescence, Nicole began showing him various culinary dishes to prepare. Colemund developed quite the penchant for cooking, which served him well while he was often away for long periods of time during archaeological digs; and the luxury of homemade cooking was not at his beckon call.

     As Jolán and Colemund ate their dinner, Jolán took a moment from eating and looked at Colemund and said, “Dinner is delicious, Cole. I always love what you prepare for us.”
     Colemund was pleased to hear Jolán’s compliment, and he took his glass of wine and raised it in the air and said, “To our love.
     Jolán joined in on his toast, and the couple enjoyed the last drink of wine from their glasses, then, Colemund poured a hearty amount of wine into each glass. Food always tasted better with wine.

     After Colemund finished pouring, he looked at Jolán and asked, “Are you ready to see Crispus? I know your brother is concerned about your well-being and he is anxious to see you, Jole.”
     Jolán dearly loved her brother, Crispus. She knew Crispus was somewhat prepared for the changes that occurred over the recent weeks; however, Jolán also knew seeing such changes, as opposed to hearing about such changes, warranted an adjustment period. Jolán wondered how long Crispus would take to adjust to her new appearance, to her new title, and to her new responsibility.
     As Jolán took another sip from her glass, she looked at Colemund and replied, “Yes. I am anxious to see him too. I hope he is able to process all of the information.”

     Colemund knew Crispus would adjust to the current situation. Colemund looked at his love and said, “Crispus is an intelligent and strong man. His utmost concern is your safety, your mental strength, and your physical well-being. He is going to be pleased with your developments. When he arrives, I’m having a trusted chauffeur escort him here from the airport. I am also having another car delivered for his personal use. I am looking forward to his visit too, Jole.

     As Jolán continued eating her food, she was nearly finished with her plate, but she was still hungry. She was grateful Colemund was in her life. As she took her last bite of food, Colemund looked at her and asked, “Are you still hungry?He smiled at her for a moment, and then he said, “Go get more food. I need you strong.”
     Jolán smiled, she licked her fork, and she went to the kitchen to get another plateful of food. Jolán was hungry.

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