Sunday, March 24, 2013

Errr, errors?

Hello Readers,

I hope all is well in your reading world. I just want to drop a line and ask for your help. If I have been fortunate enough to have your readership, I sincerely thank you.  
I know your time is valuable, but if you would take a brief moment to return to Amazon and leave a review I would really appreciate your efforts!

Reviews help new readers find my work and accurately decide if the book is for them; and reviews also provide valuable feedback for my future writing.

Thank you again, and be sure to check out the sequels in the Element Series!

All constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help. As always, cheers! Keep your books opened and your fonts enlarged ;)) The Hunters and the Queen

Thanks, Readers!


  1. Hey Jasveena,
    I just checked the kindle store on Amazon, and I don't see a published edition for Malaysia :( Boo! I might be wrong, but you can check the links above, and maybe you can get it via Smash words? Let me know if you have any luck, if not, then I'm sure I can figure something out if you're interested. All the best, and I hope you're feeling better today :0) Cheers!

  2. Hey,I think I have accidentally repeated the question to you in my latest comment on your post. Did not notice your reply. Thanks for the guidance.tomorrow morning I'll check out of any ways of getting it.