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Well, my journey has started. My writing journey. I have penned the first few pages of the third book in the Hunters and the Queen series. The third book is titled Emergence. If you haven't checked out the first two books (Resurgence and Transcendence ), then they are available at Amazon for your reading pleasure. Transcendence is also available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. (Although, as I type this, Barnes & Noble still has the old title, The Gypsy Hunter, with the older book description on the book page. Amazon and Smashwords are updated; moreover, the book content has been updated on all sites and is consistent.

If you read Transcendence, then you were briefly introduced to Fire and you probably recognized hints of the Wind element. The third book will deal with Fire trying to find Wind, and Jol├ín finding Fire. The dark lords try to maintain their hold over certain parts of the realm, but they need Queen Madrit to kill for them; Queen Madrit carries the blood of the ancestral line that will help the dark lords secure their power on the planet.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Cheers! In the meantime, I have pasted a couple paragraphs from the third book, Emergence.


Slaine, England

Bones were broken. Swine were left half-dead waiting for their full demolishment. It was pathetic and unnecessary management of living creatures. Cruel and unusual treatment. Barbaric. Dreadful. Intolerable.

Many hated the local slaughterhouse, but others were not remotely bothered by the presence of the pig factory. Those who did mind, however, were beyond ready to act. Beyond ready to take a stand and fight for better treatment of the animals, but such kind people were outnumbered. They were outnumbered by the overwhelming amount of hunters who now occupied a large portion of the small town. The native townspeople were becoming outnumbered. Something had to happen, the town was dying.

Petra knew she held power. She had honed her skill at a very young age, privately while she was in her room. Her parents were loving people, but special power was not encouraged in the household; and Petra had special power. It was this power that made her the element of wind. It was this power that made her a threat to the hunters. Petra had awakened, and all of those years of practicing her skill would serve the mission well. Now, however, she rested. The last few days had been a flurry of emotional destruction. A devastating tornado created by the fury purported by her anger. She had never used her powers out of anger, and now the chaos and mayhem she created destroyed a town. Destruction so bad that she was committed to a hospital, a mental hospital.

Petra was tired, but she was not broken. She rested in the hospital bed, but she was confused about her medical treatment. She did everything she believed was necessary, but her worlds were blurred. She didn’t have a mental breakdown, but maybe she did; however, she was sure her place was not inside of the hospital strapped to a bed. She was the element of wind, and she knew she comprised the full force of the planet. She understood her responsibility in this realm, but she was disoriented. She didn’t know how to gain credibility for her cause and for the mission. The wind element had awakened, and she had to find the other elements of the natural planet.

As Petra rested in her bed, her medication clouded her mind. She remembered everything that led to her current stint in the hospital. It started when she confronted the cruel pig owners and set their pigs free; then, she released a whirlwind of destruction upon her town. A destruction so bad her violence and power killed her family, her hunter family. Petra was not one of them; however, she was the youngest child, and her parents converted to hunters after she was born. Her parents thought the hunters would help them save their farm; they thought the hunters would help them save their home. They did not realize the hunters only destroy.

Petra understood the reasons why those who doubted her power captured her and locked her inside a padded room; however, they were simple people unaware of her responsibilities in the realm. They were blissful people ignorant of the problems of the galaxy. Not everyone living in her town were hunters, just most of them. The non-hunter types were typically brainwashed by the dark lord dominance of Slaine city corruption; and they allowed dark energy to infiltrate their town as long as their own lifestyles were maintained; unaffected by the inner workings of the dark lords. These affluent townspeople were no less evil than the hunters; and such a symbiotic relationship of evil often led to the capture and destruction of once vibrant and egalitarian cities, towns, and communities. The dark lords wanted control of all the towns throughout the world. The dark lords appreciated their stronghold throughout certain parts of the realm, and they relied on such symbiotic relationships with the narcissistic townspeople who were willing to cultivate a relationship with them.

 As Petra lingered in her bed, she remembered a man. A tall, dark, and evil man. She did not want to see him, but she knew he would eventually seek her out and pay her a visit. He had already been to her hospital room once, and she made it clear she did not want to ever see him again. He was the one who put her in the hospital.

Petra began to fall asleep. Her heavy medication was prescribed for full sedation, but she was able to find moments of lucidity. She would eventually build tolerance to the drugs. Petra’s head started to bob around until it rested back on to her pillow. At that moment, two tiny birds flew towards the window. The birds lingered by the window as their eyes examined the inside of Petra’s room. The birds knew something special was inside, they knew they had a message to deliver to the forest.
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  1. Interesting! This element has been a hunter well? A hunter in the traditional sense or the hunters we've come to know in the series? I like the blurring of her worlds aspect, makes her essentially good but a loose cannon. Those are always exciting, kind of Anti-Heroes. I'm excited to see where you are taking this.