Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Reviewers? Hello? Is There Anybody Out There??

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Do you like to read new and free books? Do you like to share your impression, feedback, applause, and constructive critique of your reading experience with the author and possibly the reading public? If you do, then I would like to meet your acquaintance. I am seeking book reviewers to provide feedback for either one of my YA books (The Hunters and the Queen and The Gypsy Hunter). I'm not asking you to post your review on any site; however, I would like to hear your opinion. If you choose to accept, I will deliver the e-book to you for free. Once finished reading, then, you can leave your review here at the blog, or you can email it to me at

The Hunters and the Queen
When college student, Jolán Vajnbirg, encounters Prince Colemund William Frederik Van Oranje-Nassau, the two bring the celestial destiny of the sky world to perfection. Jolán was born as a reincarnated spirit, but it took a synchronicity of events to spark her supernatural breakthrough.

Now, the mission must continue. There is a suffocating grip
strangling parts of earth. The sky world needs the sky beings to battle the dark lords of the planet, the Order of hunters. The hunters have upset the planetary balance of the world. Jolán and Colemund are a vital part of history, and they’re powers are essential to fight the Order.
The Gypsy Hunter

The love of Colemund, the prince of Gallia Belgica, ignited the celestial whirlwind that transformed Jolán into a supernatural being. Jolán and Colemund have now made a pact with each other. Their solidarity is sealed within the Aegean Sea; however, a future of chaos awaits on their horizon. They must prepare. They must gain their strength. A battle is developing in the realm.

The hunters want Jolán dead; with the exception of Sadeiq, the gypsy hunter. Sadeiq wants to locate Jolán because she needs her help. Sadeiq wants to stop her own transformation; she is becoming a hunter. She does not want to join the hunter lifestyle, but she already sealed her fate with a contract for her life. A contract she hopes Jolán can break. The hunters are selfish, evil, and monopolistic creatures who crave complete control throughout the realm of the world.

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