Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Troll and Animals, Oh My!!!

Hey there!

How is everyone? Fantastic, I hope, or at least moderately content. As previously mentioned, I have another Silly Saturday installment. As a side note, if you haven't checked out your free copy of Resurgence, then get it before it's no longer free! So, as mentioned, I introduce to you: Three Animals and a Troll.

3 Animals and a Troll

What would you do

If your cat in the hat was really a rat?

Or the rat in the hat was really a mole?

And the mole in the hole was really a troll?

A troll who said you owed a toll!

A toll for which you shouldn’t owe

But then the mole paid your toll to the troll

And then the rat moved into the hole

Which belonged to the mole

But you didn’t mind because he kicked out the troll

Who took your toll

And gave it back to the cat in your hat

Who took the toll and put it in a small compartment for you and him.
                        ~~~All is well that ends well.~~~

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