Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Title Change!

Readers, Writers, and Dreamers!


Well, I feel it is in my best interest to inform you about the title changes. What, you ask? Title changed from whuh to what? Hee-hee.

I did some recent overhauling on the books in my series, and I decided to change the titles. The books are relatively new to the market, so I was unsure if it was a good or a bad idea to change the titles. In my heart of hearts, I am happy with my decision. Since the books have been edited and some content rearranged, I felt it would make sense to better align the books under a similar theme. (I'm such a newbie author doing newbie things.) Needless to say, I'm learning as I go! So, awesome people, I introduce to you.....

The Hunters and the Queen Series:

Book I: Resurgence
Book II: Transcendence
Book III: Emergence (Coming Soon)

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